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Ask me Disney questions !

  • 1: Which Disney castle or house would you want to see created that hasn’t been done before?
  • 2: If you could live in any Disney movie, which would it be and what would you do?
  • 3: What fairytale would you like to see Disney use for a new movie?
  • 4: Which Disney TV shows are your favourite and how often do you or did you watch them?
  • 5: If you could make a whole new land for a park (example would be dinoland in animal kingdom), what would it be and what would the main attractions be?
  • 6: What is your favourite Disney quote and what does it mean to you?
  • 7: What are your favourite pixar movies in order?
  • 8: Which actor would you like to see voice act for a Disney movie? What kind of role would you like to see them play?
  • 9: What are your top five favourite rides at the Disney parks and why?
  • 10: What Disney movie makes you cry the most? Laugh the most?
  • 11: Who is your favourite female character from a Disney movieand why?
  • 12: Who is your favourite male character from a Disney movie and why?
  • 13: If you could decide the personality and physical features of the next disney princess, how would you make them and why?
  • 14: What is the most memorable moment you have while at a Disney park?
  • 15: What are your top five favourite things to eat at the Disney parks?
  • 16: If you could rewrite any Disney movie ending, which would it be and how would it end?
  • 17: Which Disney movie did you watch over and over as a kid? Do you have any memories connected to the movie?
  • 18: What Disney merchandise do you collect?
  • 19: Which princess story would you be more likely to live out? The girl looking for love? Adventure? Family?
  • 20: If you had to dress up in one Disney character’s outfits for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
  • 21: Which two Disney characters, from two different movies, do you think would be best friends?
  • 22: If the avengers were looking for new recruits, which Disney characters do you think would be recruited?
  • 23: If you fell down the rabbit hole into wonderland, what would you do?
  • 24: What Disney characters did you love as a kid and what characters do you love now?
  • 25: Pick your favourite Disney movie from each decade (1937-50, 1951-60, 1961-70, 1971-80, 1981-90, 1991-2000, 2001-2013). Which decade was your favourite?
  • 26: If you could plan the next Disney movie, where would the movie take place and what kind of characters would you have?
  • 27: If you got cast as a Disney park face character, who would you like to be friends with and why?
  • 28: Which Disney movies would you like to see more merch for? What would be something you would buy if they made more merch for those movies?
  • 29: Who are your favourite Disney legends and why?
  • 30: If you could have any Disney animal character as a pet, who would it be and why?